The War On Murder

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The world watched as the collective hate of the city of Chicago killed Derrion Albert on September 24, 2009.  Now the world is watching to see what we intend to do about the problem of murder.  We began tracking murders in Chicago in 2001, when 666 murders were committed.  We now average about 40 high school murders per year.

Tracking the Beast

Murder is a serial killer that must be stopped.  Each time murder killed a victim in 2001, we marked the spot where the homicide took place with a paw print.  We can see how the beast traveled through the city, neighborhood by neighborhood, on a killing spree that has not ended.


You can see that the beast has a preference for black males, but also enjoys ending the life of Hispanic males, and black females.  White people, children, and infants under the age of 12 months were also targeted by the beast.


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Murder Memorials

A death has occurred that must be memorialized because a life has occurred that must be remembered. Murder victims will be memorialized in a creative and dignified manner to remember the life of the deceased as family and community search for an end to the violence.

The Mark of the Beast

Murder stands on four legs:  miseducation, economic exploitation, sexual perversity, and improper diet.  When we investigate the cause of each murder, we will find the origin in one of these time-honored sources.  Let’s explore how these work in ourselves so we can pass on to our children a constitutional alternative to murder.

High School Project

Chicago leads the world in the number of high school students who are murdered each school year—and the rate is increasing.


A key battle in the War on Murder is the fight for the hearts and minds of our children.  They have been the victims of economic and cultural warfare that have left them defenseless against the approach of violence.


Children have always given leadership to the nation, and it is our duty to assist them as they reverse the culture of murder in which we all live.  They will begin by exposing the mark of the beast through a series of independent documentary films and by organizing a student-run newspaper reporting on each city's murders.

Join the Movement to End Murder

No murders are acceptable in civilized society, although our modern world practices murder from the womb to the tomb.  We can end the practice of murder (homicide) in our generation.  It is in fact our responsibility to do so.  Join our e-mail list to receive regular updates on how you can help end murder in your city. 

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